The Gemmail exhibitions

February 1956 Exhibition in Monaco with S.A.S le Prince Rainier de Monaco
March 1957 Retrospective Picasso, Gallery du Faubourg St Honoré, Paris
1959 Museum Galliera, Paris
1961 Exhibition in Monaco, Chapelle de la Paix, with S.A.S le Prince Rainier de Monaco
1961 Museum Galliera (second exhibition )
February 1964 Gallery Charpentier, Paris

May 1959 Corning Glass Museum, New York
August 1959 Denver Art Museum
Septembrer 1959 Metropolitain Museum of Art, New York
January 1960 Carnegie Institute
February 1960 Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio
April 1960 Art institute of Chicago
May 1960 New York Design Center
June 1960 Inauguration de l’agence Air France, New York
Septembrer 1960 Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh
Septembrer 1960 Virginia Museum of fine Art, Richmond, VA
Octobrer 1960 Museum of Fine Art, Boston
Octobrer 1960 The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland
Novembrer 1960 Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Novembrer 1960 Cincinnati Art Museum
January 1961 High Museum of Art, Atlanta
February 1961 Saint Louis Art Museum
August 1961 Roswell Museum, Nouveau Mexique

1998 Exhibition : Museum Tobu, Tokyo
1998 Exhibition : Museum Sogo, Nara
1998 Exhibition : Museum of Modern Art Ibaraki, Mito
1998 Exhibition : Museum of Art Matsuzakaya, Nagoya

Poster of the Exhibition in March 1957
Rue du Faubourg St Honoré, Paris